The Propaganda Game

I had been expecting to see an eye-opening documentary about the country everyone heard about and yet nobody knows anything of. I had not been expecting one of the scariest…Read More

In Linklater We Trust

Linklater's films aren't story-driven. They are not character-driven either. They are emotion-driven. From the very first time I sat in the cinema to see Before Sunrise I knew one thing:…Read More

Top 12 Representations of Drugs in Films

It's 20th of April today, also known as 420! So happy 420 and let's get right to it! Drugs are not a new topic in cinema. We've seen them from…Read More

Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal – Is His Hair Good Enough?

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The Club – The Club of the Broken

It's almost impossible to watch The Club today without referring back to Spotlight - a film, which everyone loved, but nobody expected to win the very main Academy Award this…Read More

The Ones Below

Some films, even if they are not the best you've seen, are so interesting to watch you wish they lasted twice as long as they do. This is the case…Read More

I Thought It Would Be Different: Ratter

Here I come with a new series of reviews called "I thought it would be different". The title came from a simple experience I have as often as you do,…Read More

Room Didn’t Work For Me Even Though…

Well, maybe it's an overstatement, because even though sitting in the cinema I kept thinking that I wish I liked it more, two weeks has passed since then and I'm…Read More