SAN ANDREAS (By Gavin Sutton)

When I first heard of San Andreas, I thought it was a great idea. A Grand Theft Auto movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be amazing. Turns out it…Read More

Poster Wednesday: I Dream Too Much

Help I have no idea what this film is, but it's poster has stolen my heart. It's just so wonderful, but let's not start about it just yet. If anyone…Read More


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Poster Wednesday: Ant-Man (Again)

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Poster Wednesday: Love

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Who Are Film Festivals For?

I remember my first film festival. I felt like a plum in a wrong piece of cake, didn't speak with anyone, saw only couple of films and wrote no reviews.…Read More

Poster Wednesday: Ant-Man

Nothing new here, just another attempt to form a column I will never keep up with. But here we go again- every Wednesday I am going to try and remember…Read More

How Xavier Dolan Became the Director We All Should Love?

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Planetary could easily be one of these documentaries that moralise us about how Earth is being constantly tortured by our sole existence and leave us feeling selfish and helpless at…Read More