Stations of the Cross

Note from the Distributor: Arrow Films, the distributors of Gods Pocket, The Hunt, A Hijacking and Love Is All You Need, are pleased to announce the release of the critically…Read More

WHIPLASH- I Will Never Shut Up About It

I'm not sure where to start with it, because this is probably the most important review I have written on this website. Not because it will be the best one-…Read More

Golden Globes in Gifs

I feel socially pressured to write about Golden Globes, so since it's not a topic of my choice I will lazily express my thoughts and feelings in gifs instead. Two…Read More

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Birdman is the only film that made me sigh with relief that it was still released in 2014 and I don't have to make it compete in my head against…Read More

Men, Women and Children aka Oh, Internet Thou Art So Evil

Somewhere between New Year's laundry and New Year's dishwashing I found time to put on Jason Reitman's latest feature simply called, Men, Women and Children. Five minutes in and I…Read More

Ho-Ho-Holy Shit! The Rock Couldn’t Be Greater


It’s Christmas Competition Time!

I hardly collaborate with companies, but when I do, I try to make sure they offer something unique and amazing and fun and I think this time, it is something…Read More

Only Two But How Wonderful- Inherent Vice

It's been a really painful week for me- I got my wisdom tooth removed and most of the day I spend feeling like a rottening vegetable, so of course it…Read More

Ex-Machina – First Look

I miss Alex Garland's novels, but I understand times for writers are tough and I can't expect him to continue daydreaming about sunny beaches with evil cults on them instead…Read More