I heard from others what Hinterland was like soon after I saw the film myself. Words like elegant and honest, brave and beautiful. But to me Hinterland is about challenging…Read More

The Whiplash Controversy

I'm sure if you are visiting this blog you know everything one needs to know about Whiplash- that it's the best film ever made, that the director is young and…Read More

Backstreet Boys Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

Backstreet Boys didn't make a film which would introduce new fans to the band. Show 'Em What You're Made Of is a documentary which is for hardcore 90s kids who…Read More

Love is Strange (especially when it’s shown through a strange story)

I might be the only one not writing about 50 Shades of Grey, but as you probably expected, it isn't the only movie which had Valentine's release booked before it…Read More

Today I’m wasting my life before I hopefully manage to publish the review of Love is Strange (a title indicating judgmentality "is it a word" towards its topic), I will spend some time doing…Read More

We Need to Talk About Ida

Confession Time: I'm not a fan of Ida. Worse than that- I didn't like it. Yes, of course as a Polish person I want my country to win this year's…Read More

Catch Me Daddy Looks Absolutely Stunning

I haven't written for a while (this time not because I was lazy, or at least, not just), and there haven't been many things happening in the world of film…Read More

Stations of the Cross

Note from the Distributor: Arrow Films, the distributors of Gods Pocket, The Hunt, A Hijacking and Love Is All You Need, are pleased to announce the release of the critically…Read More

WHIPLASH- I Will Never Shut Up About It

I'm not sure where to start with it, because this is probably the most important review I have written on this website. Not because it will be the best one-…Read More