I can promise you one thing. Cabin in the Woods is NOTHING like you’ve seen before. And trust me when I say it- I love horror movies. If you have seen trailers for it, forget about them them; if you haven’t- don’t. Just go to the cinema and enjoy the best horror movie to be made in the last decade.

There is a dilemma at some point of every critic’s life. How to recommend a highly unique movie without revealing too much,and at the same time somehow persuade the audience that the plot, that one is trying so hard not to spoil, is indeed extremely interesting? How to talk about the uniqueness of the plot that is so unique that any sentence regarding the story will simply destroy a film for its audience? How to make the audience trust you that this plot is indeed so unique and that the critic writing the review isn’t simply over exaggerating because all of the other films are sequels or bad rip offs? Now thinking about it, the dilemma is not only the critic’s concern. The audience has to trust someone who says that the story of the film is great but refuses to reveal any story. What to do…what to do…

You just have to trust me. You just have to trust me when I say that although the trailer shows this film as if it was pure, gore torture horror with a sadistic murderer behind it, it is actually a comedy horror (well, not really, but it balances on the edge between the two). Maybe this is exactly why Cabin in the Woods in all its absurdity (because when you finally watch it, you will realise that describing the story to your friends afterward makes you sound pretty ridiculous), the film actually works amazingly well. And when I say ‘amazingly’, I mean AMAZINGLY.

Cabin in the Woods is a horror about horror genre. Not only does it use recognisable by the audience cliches to create the ultimate horror movie, but also in order to create a completely unique psychological portrayal of horror movies admirers. It is playful, witty, intelligent and engaging, and most importantly, it is extremely entertaining.

Drew Goddard responsible for the screenplay of Cloverfield and now standing in front of the camera in taking the role of the director is clearly passionate about the genre. Cabin in the Woods is a tribute to all the greatest and all the worst schemes and models horror movies are using and like in Wes Craven’s Scream, throughout the process of playing with cliches, the film itself becomes completely original and inspiring.

Yes, Cabin in the Woods is the horror movie of the twenty first century- it is this generation’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween, it is our new Scream and Blair Witch Project. This is the horror movie that defines our times and it is the popular culture product made for referrals and interpretations. It goes beyond the story itself, just like the classic horror films that we so love and shows us the new ways of approaching the genre. Cabin in the Woods is extremely risky and brave movie, but it succeeds in everything it tries. And it does try everything.

I was hoping to analyse the separate scenes from Cabin in the Woods, to boost about its originality, wit and impact on the audience. I wanted to emphasise the perfect balance it reaches between the comedy and horror, and how neither the laughter nor the scream it provokes is ever full. But I really can’t reveal anything Cabin in the Woods offers, because its genius lies in its uniqueness, and I do not over-exaggerate when I say that every single second of it is completely unique. It is powerful, thought provoking and complete, but most importantly, it creates a new path for the genre itself. And this path is risky, but very exciting indeed. A path I would suggest you take right now. Now go and see how cinema changes in font of our eyes…but shhhh! Don’t spoil it for others…

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