Soon soon week fifteen

Last week was pretty modest when it comes to trailers, however all of them were satisfying to watch. Comedy Drama finds itself best in April, it seems and with Sundance Film Festival coming to London, it strikes with the best of the best with Safety Not Guaranteed leading the cinematic gems. But what if Safety Not Guaranteed wasn’t an indie movie and instead became a Hollywood blockbuster? The answer is in this post.

1. Looper 

Inception meets Safety Not Guaranteed meets Bruce Willis resurrected. Loopers looks a little silly, but possibly entertaining. Let’s just hope it doesn’t bring the disappointed like In Time did (I will never forgive the producers who tempted me with the trailer- how very misleading!). Another proof that Emily Blunt’s beauty is flawless, even after dramatic hair colour change.

2. A Fantastic Fear of Everything

This looks AMAZING, SURREAL AND UNIQUE and I hope it is everything the trailer suggests! But what am I saying, here is the trailer for this macabresque phantasmangoria:

3. Titanic Super 3-D

Found of the Shiznit this nightmare-come-true trailer is fortunately made just for laughs, but perfectly shows the what-if of directorial changes. God bless James Cameron. It could have been Harmony Korine…

4. I Know This Voice

A documentary about those that we all know but don’t at the same time. Definitely will bring surprises and lots of fun. The voice over actors finally get the recognition they deserve.