12 Things that suck about this year’s Oscars

tumblr_mif4yfC7VL1r5bhbpo1_500 Like every year, the Oscars bring excitement mixed with anxiety in the hearts of concerned audience. Although nowadays I watch the awards with greater skepticism and distance than ever, I can’t stop but wonder- what the fuck is wrong with the Academy?! I know, I know…moaning about disappointing winners while our favourites are left with […] Continue reading →

Top 12 Oscars’ Biggest Disappointments

Another year has already started, and another Oscar ceremony is behind us and with it: plenty of…well, actually plenty of mehs and whocares’. Although from the moment this year’s nominees have been announced, we, film geeks, have been constantly moaning about the rather ambiguous choices that the Academy made, especially in regards of those left […] Continue reading →
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