Top 12 Oscars’ WTFs of 2014

Although I am addicted to the Oscars and have been watching the ceremony since I was 13 (which makes it almost a very long time now), I am also extremely disappointed with the results every year (especially recently, see: the King’s Speech and Silver Linings Playbook) and nowadays, often with the nominations themselves. I have […] Continue reading →

12 Things that suck about this year’s Oscars

tumblr_mif4yfC7VL1r5bhbpo1_500 Like every year, the Oscars bring excitement mixed with anxiety in the hearts of concerned audience. Although nowadays I watch the awards with greater skepticism and distance than ever, I can’t stop but wonder- what the fuck is wrong with the Academy?! I know, I know…moaning about disappointing winners while our favourites are left with […] Continue reading →
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