planes_movie-wide Another movie that surprised me during the Cinema Showcase* madness is Planes and surprise isn’t necessarily a positive term here. You know the movies you really hope are going to be so bad they’re good? So pathetically ridiculous that you just can’t stop crying from all the giggles it gives you? Movies so bad you […] Continue reading →


First Look 1 And already I want to emphasise that the most “epic” thing about Epic is its title…and even that isn’t really “epic”, is it? I don’t even know where to start, because while watching Epic- a new animation that nobody will remember a month after it comes out and yet, there will still be a sequel […] Continue reading →

Soon soon week ten

Let me start with a little explanation. This week’s trailers won’t necessarily be all new. Some of them come from a few weeks ago and it’s because I have ignored them because I underestimated the potential they bared. However, after going to some press screening, my mind has changed so for today the rules are […] Continue reading →
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