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The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Man of Steel, The Hobbit…All of these epic titles have one great thing in common- the whole world seems to be waiting for their release. No matter if you are a superhero geek or have a crush on Leonardo Dicaprio, the upcoming year (or two) seems to be generous for all of us. But there is another kind of cinema, we don’t usually talk about…the kind that includes films that should be long forgotten (and forgiven in some cases), and yet, somehow, the producers still push their poor existence to the screens literally raping the actors starring in them or the original versions of the films they are based on. These are the films that not only do we not wait for, but moreover, we have nightmare about them. The forbidden films that nobody wants, but somehow they still get proudly announced on IMDb website. Yes, my dears, these cinematic disasters will get their releases at your local cinemas. You will hear about them because they laugh at you shamelessly from the mockeries of posters. Let this list be a warning for you, because the day will come sooner than you think, for some of them are already in pre-production. Here is my list of Top 12 Least Anticipated Films. Be prepared!

12. Untitled Batman Reboot

I think it is pretty obvious from my website, that I am slowly turning into a total Batman geek. I do like Batman more than any other superhero and I especially appreciate what Christopher Nolan did to it- instead of making it cartoonish and extreme, he made it quite realistic and serious. Of course when I heard that the trilogy ends with the Dark Knight Rises, I felt a little sentimental, but I always believe that even from the most amazing films, we sometimes need a rest. The more we miss it, the more we want it. And yet, not long time ago on Christopher Nolan’s IMDb an information appears that supposedly he is planning to write another Batman Reboot. I mean…give us some rest!

Christopher Nolan is a great director and a strong writer, but I think what made Batman trilogy special was that it was only a trilogy and it had an end. The Dark Knight Rises would have been the perfect end for Batman and I am more than happy to wait another ten years for a new talent to bring it back completely refreshed and unique. This project is still not in pre-production even, so there is hope that it will be killed before it lays eggs.

11. The Chronicles of Narnia The Silver Chair

Look, I loved the book. Really. I even loved the old version of the movie, but this new one just has no soul. Everything is very perfect- it looks pretty, the performances are good and it tells the story like it should, and yet it feels like a person who made it has no recognition of human emotions. It has been years since the first part came out and the second one was even more forgettable. Damn, I’m not even sure which parts I’m actually talking about anymore. Either way, suddenly, the producers woke up from a long nap and realised that they haven’t finished this emotionless nightmare. To be continued forever…

for the fans of the most boring titles ever

10. Another Sherlock Holmes Movie

I am a traditionalist when it comes to literary adaptations, so whenever a book adapted goes far from its original, I get pretty angry. So you can imagine my face when I saw the first Sherlock Holmes, which I didn’t find funny nor charming nor entertaining. The second one was supposed to be more epic (whatever they meant by it), and probably a little longer concerning all the slo-mo they put in the trailer. So what to expect from the third one?

9. National Treasure 3

I don’t blame Nicolas Cage for wanting to continue hunting treasures. The problem is National Treasure was never really successful and like Narnia, it very slowly makes sequels, so it seems like before they make another one, the producers have to save money for years. Is it worth it? Of course it is, we are talking Nicolas Cage being himself. Dressed as Indiana Jones.

8. A Good Day to Die Hard

They said it. Seems like I don’t have to say anything more. The title says it all.

Someone called the mad butcher made this poster and I believe it is going to look exactly like it. tagline also inspiring

7. Avatar 3

I always get angry with over confident producers, and like with next fifty Avengers movies being made (although at least they are based on comics, so the stories come from somewhere) I also get a little annoyed with the Pirates of Caribbeans 5 and 6 being made just because they can already afford it. But you know who is actually the worst? James Cameron.

James Cameron is today just a moneymaker. He simply doesn’t seem to give a crap about the story anymore not he cares about the characters development. With Avatar he proved that he loves gadgets and new technology and from then on, it seems like he believes movies can simply exist on them. Avengers was a good movie and so was Pirates of Caribbeans, but to be honest, Avatar had not much to offer apart from stunning visual effects. And I don’t care about Avatar 2 being made, I’m ok with it. But Avatar 3? I know you can afford it, Cameron, but at least pretend that you are humble. Or that you care about films. Maybe sometimes the best lie is better than the worst truth…

bring the money

6. The Hangover 3

You know how everyone loved the Hangover because it felt so fresh, absurd and actually funny? You know how the Hangover 2 was EXACTLY the same movie just set in a different country? You know what the Hangover 3 might be like? Do you really want to know? I didn’t think so. But still, here we go again…

5. Scary Movie 5

Scary Movie means as much to ‘new generation’ as Skrillex means to me. They simply have no nostalgic memories or no emotional attachment to it. This makes Scary Movie 5 totally sentimental free for most of us, especially because those of us who still remember the first one, also remember the third and fourth one and we definitely do not want the next one to happen. However, it’s too late. Not only is it coming out on the set date in October, but also it has already the posters ready. Check out the puns in tagline and try making worse. I don’t think anyone can.

4. Dredd

Why is this happening? Why anyone thought that we need another Judge Dredd and why would anyone think that Eomer from Lord of the Rings can substitute Sylvester Stallone? This madman’s idea is actually coming out, the trailer has been released last week and it’s baaaaaad (I shall elaborate on it more in a very near future). Dredd looks pretty dreadful.

3. Real Steel 2

I cannot express my hatred towards Real Steel again, so I’m just going to link you to my review from the times when I still had a blog which I didn’t pay for having. HERE is my review of this vomit of the movie. I can’t wait to burn down every single cinema which attempts to play the sequel.
For those of you who dare (on your own responsibility) :

2. Jumper 2

Seriously guys? You are making a crappy sequel for a really crappy movie? It wasn’t even a movie, it was literally a guy jumping from one place to the other in search of nonexistent plot. I fear for the future of cinema when things like that get announced. How many people have seen the first one even? Ten? Twenty? just WHY?

it’s like making Hitman 2! Oh, wait…

1. Indiana Jones 5



and finally…the worst of the worst…the least anticipated movie ever to be made:

0. Another Adam Sandler Movie

Adam Sandler, please stop making movies. I really have no hatred left to hate you and yet whenever I think you made the worst film ever, the even worst one comes out right after it. Please, please, please. Stop.

This week has been a rather unique one when it comes to new releases. Two big events defined the trailer situation and instead being covered with great hidden gems of cinema, I’m just surrounded by thousands of festival independent movies that nobody will distribute anywhere else but in France, and the Super Bowl tv spots. Unfortunately, Super Bowl brought us mainly the trailers for films we have seen before, but just in a shorter version. Here you have the Super Bowl spot (chosen as a representative for all the Super Bowl spots) for the Hunger Games (one one the most awaited film this year). In the leading male role and the love interest of our heroin, the Spoiled Brat himself, Josh Hutcherson:

The other great event that stormed the internet was definitely Oscar’s nominations announcement  Many of you (and that’s what I shall start doing tomorrow) is catching up on the Academy Awards nominated features, so whatever comes out soon, will be ignored, so what’s the point trying, it seems.

However, because Sunday is the day when I usually present you with some new trailers for films I have been waiting to see for a week at least and because there’s literally nothing to show you; I have decided to share some upcoming movies news with you. Some of them you probably have already heard about, others you dreamt would be announced, and some are still just rumoured. But here it is, this week’s films still in pre-production:


1. Quentin Tarantino KILL BILL Vol. 3

While Quentin Tarantino’s new project Django Unchained have just been announced, it is too easy to almost miss probably the most awaited and dreamt of film of the year- the continuation of Kill Bill serie. According to IMdb the only confirmed cast members are now Uma Thurman,  Daryl Hannah and Richard Dreyfus, but it is worth keeping eye on the updates, because the release date is set for 2014. Also, my further search led me to this document, which is apparently the teaser of Kill Bill Vol. 3 script. I don’t know how truth it is, but whatever the outcome is, I am sure it will be amazing.


2. James Cameron Attack

James Cameron never sleeps. Avatar 2 and 3 have already been announced, but this is just a small surprise compared to the new project the director has been working on. Battle Angel takes place in the 26th century and tells a story of a female cyborg who is rescued from a scrapheap by a scientist. James Cameron and his producers are spending 200 million dollars on this film and although it is a live action, it will be shot with the usage of CGI in the new 3D technique Cameron has been recently working on. Battle Angel is based on the bestselling manga of the same title.

3. The Tomb

Ray Breslin is the world’s foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He’s framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars. (IMdb)

Sounds like a good story? Well, it doesn’t really matters if it is, because it stars not one, but two toughest guys in the industry (not counting Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Chuck Norris…the list goes on). Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger star in this thriller directed by Mikael Hafstrom (the director of the Rite, which I still feel disappointed with). As I said, I don’t think it really matters how the movie does as long as there are muscles on screen here. And there will be muscles…

slowly turning into wax figures


4. Sinatra

The rumoured child of Martin Scorsese with Leonardo Dicaprio, Sinatra is as a title says the story of the legendary actor and singer, Frank Sinatra. There’s no doubts that this film will be a great opportunity for Dicaprio to finally get the long awaited Oscar. He is often called Scorsese’ s muse and has already starred in the director’s nominated movies, the Aviator and  Gangs of New York. Let’s hope this collaboration will soon be confirmed, because these two has proven to work perfectly together.

5. The Lone Ranger

Based on the tv series of the same name, comes Gore Verbinski’s (Pirates of Caribbean, Rango) new film staring noone other but Johnny Depp himself along with Helena Bohnan Carter and Armie Hammer. The cast is completed and the release date is now set for the 31st of May 2013. The Lone Ranger has been adapted into a big screen couple of times before, however neither of the films received critics’ recognition and neither did it impress the fans of the tv series. Although the release date has already been moved few times because of budget holes and cast problems, I see potential in this feature. Shooting begins in Mexico this month.

6. The Fast and the Furious 6


Lucky enough to hear about Titanic 3D from the man himself, Jon Landau (yes, I know for a second you thought about James Cameron, or as called by Jon Landau ‘Jim’), I hear present my second view on this masterpiece rape.

First of all, I have already made it quite open that I am definitely not 3D fan. I enjoyed Avatar and I enjoyed some of the horrors shot in 3D, but for me it is still a retarded version of what the future of cinema beholds, and maybe since there is still some time to wait, we could slow down a little and not do the Godfather in 3D just yet. However after the screening of eight scenes from Titanic 3D (coming out in April), I now see what the appeal is. For the producer at least.

Jon Landau is a nice guy who loves films, and although he chose the role of often hated producer, after listening to him I think he is a perfect person to translate the language of James Cameron into dollars. He understands both the technical and the artistic process of moviemaking and it seems that he is not afraid to use words such as promotion and money along with such as vision and art. I liked how bravely he spoke about 3D, even though I wasn’t the only sceptical one in the audience.

Jon is the devil’s advocate for 3D cinema. Straight away I will say that after seeing the footage and hearing Jon talking about the project, I am still not converted. If I see Titanic again on the big screen, it will be in 3D, however, I can see how Landau’s mind works and how apart from the obvious he sees 3D as the new way to take the people out of the houses and into the cinema. Jon talked about the generation I’m a little afraid of- the generation of kids for whom 3D is nothing new and who were brought up on the louder and pushier cinema that I have.Still, he believes that this generation can enjoy the same Titanic we have enjoyed 13 years ago, however, it should be served for them differently.

Landau spoke about the process more artistically that I expected the producer to speak. He said how surprisingly, these were not the action sequences that were the most difficult to convert into 3D, but rather long, wide shots, in which every detail could be visible. 3D conversion seems less soulless since i found out that Cameron has been as active in the process as any other member of the crew. They went together frame by frame, and in Jon Landau’s words, it was a “memory lane” since he’s “been with Jim longer than any of his wives”. The film has been shown to Leonardo di Caprio who according to Laundau, approved of the conversion (after showing the amazement of how young he looked in Titanic).

The audience filled the room with intriguing questions. What makes Titanic number one film of all times? What makes it a film we would want to watch again? And again? And again?
Jon Landau claims the secret lies in story itself, and also in Cameron’s directing ultimate quality- the universality of the theme, or in his own words, “that the theme is greater than the genre itself”.

Titanic is the story of Rose, who loses the love of her life, faces the death and experiences something we all would love to experience, and survives. Rose’s survival gives audience hope that it too can survive anything. And I won’t argue- it is a beautiful message indeed.

Of course, any conversation with Jon Landau will finally bring some Avatar 2 questions. What was revealed is that it is coming out in about 4 years (!) and that they are working on increasing the amount of frames we see per second (to about 60). Landau spoke about the project with enthusiasm and I won’t lie- I’m actually interested in what this technical experiment will bring this time.

But the most important question of all would of course be, if Titanic works in 3D? Well, to me it doesn’t. Although the team managed to get rid of all the disadvantages I discussed in my previous article, while watching it, I got used to the effect so quickly, that after two minutes I wasn’t actually able to notice it anymore. It is the story that drew my attention and I still think it would look more amazing in IMAX than in 3D. Titanic will be released in April both in 2D and 3D, and if ever I would have to choose, I would still choose the original version. But at least I understood why other wouldn’t.