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Sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me to review the worst trailers of the week rather than the best ones. There’s so many of them every time I check IMDb, they are always entertaining and the content of this article would be twice as big if I gave all of them space. This is something to consider but for now, let’s still see what suppose to be the best trailers of the week.

P.S. Lincoln trailer- soaks in cheesiness

1. On the Road

While private life of Kristen Stewart is still being discussed, let us take another look at the next big thing- the adaptation of hugely inspiring Jack Keruack’s On the Road. Yep, it looks as bad the second time.

2. The Other Son

Based on the bad American comedy script, the Other Son discusses the basic political issues while equally focusing on emotions and experiences of our heroes. Or at least, it seems like it.

3. Step Up to the Plate

Maybe a little too mellow to find it enjoyable, but even for the simple fact of seeing food we will never afford to eat, Step Up to the Plate deserves a little attention. Bon apetit! (*8am= bad puns)

4. Smashed

Aaron Paul takes an extreme journey to sobriety after she tries crack once. Isn’t it just a little funny knowing he was in Breaking Bad?

5. A Late Quarter

Phillip Seymour Hoffman mastering violin and struggling to compromise the good of the whole against the private wish of… you didn’t guess it- Christopher Walken.


It seems like more things are happening in the behind the scenes world than the screen world itself, which makes me feel a little awkward to present you a trailer of a new Tom Cruise movie while Katie Holmes is being stalked by some scientology freaks. This week also, Jesse Eisenberg goes in a boring direction, Gael Garcia Bernal doesn’t speak and another creepy ‘true story’ is being adapted. What did You expect?

1. Jack Reacher

So this is the trailer I am morally struggling to post with you, but because the film itself is coming out pretty late and because Tom Cruise is actually a good actor, I will put my beliefs on the side for now and show you this. It doesn’t look amazing, but it might be the Collateral good.

2. Why Stop Now?

Jesse Eisenberg is also a good actor, but for some reason he never takes risks when picking his roles. So after the great hype of the Social Network and being nominated to the Academy Award, he is back to some doubtful comedies with no messages, but not enough entertainment to make it enjoyable. Still, let’s give him another chance.

3. Compliance

This looks pretty good and intense, but what if the caller was actually a cop? Oh wait…

4. The Loneliest Planet

I will always watch films with Gael Garcia Bernal, just because he is Gael Garcia Bernal. The reviews appearing in between scenes are ridiculously long. Prepare to pause few times while watching it.

In this Batman madness that I am going through now, finding time to watch new trailers is almost impossible, so if you have seen all of the ones below, you will just have to watch them again, I guess. But back to being serious, I think it is more interesting week when it comes to releases than if we look at the upcoming movies, and the reason behind it lies mainly in…

Cannes of course.

Cannes festival is now ruling the critics’ hearts, so releasing any good trailers this week would be a total faux pais. Some of the producers are still doing this, so let’s have a look at the brave ones.

1. The We and the I

Michel Gondry making a completely sane film? Well, let’s give the man a chance.

2. The Good Doctor

Since Robert Pattinson doesn’t want to be just a pretty face anymore, it seems like exactly the same thing came to Orlando Bloom’s mind. Although his choice of the career-changer movie is not as good as Pattinson’s one (I’m talking about Cosmopolis), the Good Doctor seems like a good thriller.

3. Won’t Back Down

Although it doesn’t deserve it, this will be nominated in too many categories at the next year’s oscars.

4. The Possession

Looks like 2012 is a good year for horror movies. Another take on exorcisms (it seemed like we would know everything about them by now), but this time actually scary.