12 Reasons why THIS IS 40 is just bad

this is 40 1. It Pretends to be related to Knocked-Up (and THAT was a good film) 2. 40 year olds just don’t look like that…I mean, have they ever heard of white hair and wrinkles? At least some wrinkles? 3. Everybody is constantly frustrated…and not in a funny way, just in a frustrated way 4. Constant reference […] Continue reading →

What a Noise! Joyful Noise

JoyfulNoise-Still1 Have you ever seen a film so bad that when it came to describing it to your friends, it simply was impossible to express the cinematic trauma you went through because no dictionary created adjectives strong enough to emphasise the horror of it? If you haven’t seen one like that yet, then feel free to […] Continue reading →

Soon soon week fourteen

Not only is it a great day to eat some chocolate eggs, but it also is a shockingly good week for new trailers, just because there are two that completely blew my mind. One, because I ignored it last week and it turned out to be the most interesting trailer of last week (that’s why […] Continue reading →
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