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Cosmopolis starts when Eric (strong performed by Robert Pattinson) decides to get a haircut. But this will not be a typical trip to the barber’s, because Eric is not our everyman. He is special. His haircut is special. His actions are special. And yet, Eric is suffering from an awful disease. He is bored.

Cosmopolis is a cinematic experiment rather than a film. Maybe the book is so perfect that Cronenberg decided to make a perfect adaptation of it, changing nothing at all and leaving the dialogues as intense and as long as they are in the novel. I don’t know, because I haven’t read it. Yet.

What the film did to me is it definitely persuaded me to get the book it was based on and indulge myself in the ongoing battle between two economic and intellectual views- the scary capitalism vs chaotic socialism. What is amazing about the battle of wits Cosmopolis definitely stimulates is that no argument ever wins. Eric, who represents the first idea is materialistically fulfilled. He is not even aware of the existence of poorer people and instead, isolates himself in his office (that we never see) or his limo (which we mostly see), where he takes all of his appointments- from company related to sex services and medical check ups (which he has daily). This closed environment has its price- it makes Eric shallow. And bored of course. So Eric makes a choice. He leaves the city to get to the suburbs, where he becomes a victim rather than the oppressor, however, we soon discover that the roles can be infinitely switched, because in Cosmopolis, there is no good nor bad. There is just the ultimate greyness.

Eric is hated by the ‘everymen’ who see him as the capitalistic system. The socialists fight for the equality and the ruin of wealthy individuals. They want the banks down and president dead, yet, are these chivalrous slogans so romantic in theory are ridiculous and unfair in practice. Is Eric to blame for the everyman failure? Has this battle been destined to fail?

It all cease to matter the moment Cosmopolis takes shape of a movie, because simply it is not good enough as a movie. As I have said before, it offers an amazing argument that can be discussed for hours from different points of views, and yet somehow it fails on the screen. Why? I guess, just because cinema wants people, not arguments. When literature accepts long dialogues and symbolism, the mainstream cinema (and yes, although Cronenberg is an ambitious director, he is not a very difficult one) needs real characters and real stories we can identify with or at least, we can have some emotions towards. Here, everything is dry and so indifferent we couldn’t care less. If Eric dies or not just doesn’t mean anything at all for the audience, which makes Cosmopolis just boring. And yes, I’d rather shoot myself in a hand than continue watching it.


So, this week two of directors that names I keep mistaking release trailers for their new movies. Wes Anderson hits the marketing space hard with three new clips for his Moonrise Kingdom. Japan surprises us once again by creating another weird don’t-know-what and Hollywood shakes hands with England to create a new version of Stranger Than Fiction for those who haven’t seen Stranger Than Fiction. Here they are, the best trailers of the week:

1. Cosmopolis

Whatever is happening in this trailer, I am completely taken. Cronenberg proves that his spirit will live forever and bets everything on one Pattinson card. I’d suggest getting familiar with the director before you see the film. It might be the ‘first film about new millenium’, but it’s definitely oldschool Cronenberg.

2. Magic Mike

Another yellow movie by Steven Soderbergh and to be honest, I’m not really persuaded by his attempt to make a…romantic comedy I guess. Did you know Channing Tatum was a stripper? He actually was.

3. Ruby Sparks

So as I promised, here is Stranger Than Fiction but less edgy for those of you who can still be surprised by the idea. Unfortunately, everything is revealed in the trailer, so the only thing left to uncover is the conflict and self-revelation…oops, did I just uncover this too?

4. Moonrise Kingdom Clip

I am a big Wes Anderson fan and I love every single movie of his, so I have no doubts that Moonrise Kingdom will steal my heart. But I must say that the clips that are now all over the internet look a little disappointing. Maybe they are just too short to judge, but it’s almost as if Anderson was trying too hard to be quirky. Here is one of them. What do you think?

5. Dead Sushi

I don’t know what the fuck it is. But I want it.

This week is the week everyone is talking about for two reasons; one I am going to write about today, the other I will just mention. New Twilight teaser trailer came out for anyone who still doesn’t know what to do with their money, however, apart from getting paler and stiffer, Robert Pattinson surprised us a little more this week, by starring in new Cronenberg’s film, Cosmopolis. That’s not the only surprise of the week, so here they are, ladies and gentlemen, the trailers of my choice:

1. Cosmopolis
Already mentioned Cronenberg starring Robert Pattinson and his naked (this time less shiny) body. Some say it’s just a pretext for Pattinson to get naked. Others, that it is the final test of his acting skills. The third group who doesn’t care about Robert Pattinson is pretty satisfied as Cosmopolis looks like good, old, early Cronenberg. Either way, let’s expect some sort of treat.

2. Small, Beautifully Moving Parts
My weekly column would feel empty now, if I didn’t have some independent movie that won awards on some less known film festivals and of quality difficult to predict. So, in this year full of What to Expect When You Are Expecting, and other pregnancy movies, there is this little comedy drama, that might turn out surprisingly good.

3. Sound of My Voice
Maybe the trailer for this feature doesn’t look the most amazingly, but from what I heard Sound of My Voice is one of these films that loose a lot when shortened to two minutes scene montage. Film about a cult and its charismatic female reader, Sound of My Voice might not be Martha Marcy May Marlene, but like every dark horse, has more to offer than it shows.

4. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Let’s enjoy the trailers before the movie comes out. It might be worse than Sherlock Holmes.