My Brother the Devil

my-brother-the-devil-01-470-75 Prepare yourself for a typical Noel Clarke style urban drama set in East London and filled with “brevs”. Prepare yourself, so you can experience exactly what I did while watching My Brother the Devil- an independent drama set in Hackney that due to lack of support from big production companies, quietly revolutionises the subgenre in […] Continue reading →

Always is Bad

nowisgood01 I’m not a fan of Nicholas Sparks’ sentimental teenage dramas nor am I a fan of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, thus anything that even slightly resembles one or the other in a form, content or atmosphere is definitely a dish I cannot swallow. Now Is Good is like the cheesiest junk food served for […] Continue reading →

For Ellen (Sundance- Family is Everything)

While LUV breaks the family, FOR ELLEN deals with the family already broken. It tells a story of a stereotypical rock musician (he expresses his rebellious personality by the usage of black nail polish), who travels to the most covered by snow place in the movie history (apart from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo […] Continue reading →
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