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In this Batman madness that I am going through now, finding time to watch new trailers is almost impossible, so if you have seen all of the ones below, you will just have to watch them again, I guess. But back to being serious, I think it is more interesting week when it comes to releases than if we look at the upcoming movies, and the reason behind it lies mainly in…

Cannes of course.

Cannes festival is now ruling the critics’ hearts, so releasing any good trailers this week would be a total faux pais. Some of the producers are still doing this, so let’s have a look at the brave ones.

1. The We and the I

Michel Gondry making a completely sane film? Well, let’s give the man a chance.

2. The Good Doctor

Since Robert Pattinson doesn’t want to be just a pretty face anymore, it seems like exactly the same thing came to Orlando Bloom’s mind. Although his choice of the career-changer movie is not as good as Pattinson’s one (I’m talking about Cosmopolis), the Good Doctor seems like a good thriller.

3. Won’t Back Down

Although it doesn’t deserve it, this will be nominated in too many categories at the next year’s oscars.

4. The Possession

Looks like 2012 is a good year for horror movies. Another take on exorcisms (it seemed like we would know everything about them by now), but this time actually scary.

Let me start with a little explanation. This week’s trailers won’t necessarily be all new. Some of them come from a few weeks ago and it’s because I have ignored them because I underestimated the potential they bared. However, after going to some press screening, my mind has changed so for today the rules are a little changed but hopefully, you won’t even feel the difference.

1. The Cabin in the Woods

Trust me on this one. It might look simply meh or just like yet another horror movie, but just trust me and go and see it. The trailer doesn’t show anything the Cabin in the Woods has to offer (which is pity because some of you will forget about it after seeing it; but it’s also good because it doesn’t spoil it for you in case you go) so relying on it isn’t the best thing to do. To me, one of the most original horror movies of the decade and definitely one of the best of the year. Go and see yourself


2. Ice Age: Continental Drift

Yet another Ice Age awaits us and with every single trailer I am hoping that the creators will finally leave the main characters and just focus on making short videos with the squirrel, Looney Toones style. There’s not much to say apart from the fact that it’s a nice short video, but an average trailer. Still, enjoy the first part of it.


3. The Womb

The Womb was showed last year during London Film Festival and I missed it, so I have no idea if it is good or bad. It looks like the writers got a little too carried away and Eva Green just takes any role that seems challenging, even when it balances on the edge of absurd. I won’t lie, I’m not very optimistic about it. The twisted plot looks like something that could only survive in Spanish cinema.


4. 21 Jump Street

Another film that nobody can say anything about….yet (under embargo) but the rumour has it that the chemistry between Channing Tatum and creepily anorectic Jonah Hill is great and that the film is actually hilarious.

5. On the Road

Having experienced Kerouac’s prose, I can say that it is pretty risky adapting it on the big screen, however, On the Road has my blessing- it looks engaging, inspiring and really good. Let’s hope the trailer is really a trailer and not the combination of amazing editing with the best scenes in the movie.

Just want to say that this amazing horror movie director is celebrating (or at least he should be) his 72nd birthday. I have never realised that he might be that age, but thinking logically about it…well, that must be about right.

For those of you who don’t remember names (and don’t you ever dare forget this name again), Romero is the creator of all the most basic zombie films you can think of. Here is a list to prove my point:

Happy Birthday!