Soon soon week twenty

In this Batman madness that I am going through now, finding time to watch new trailers is almost impossible, so if you have seen all of the ones below, you will just have to watch them again, I guess. But back to being serious, I think it is more interesting week when it comes to […] Continue reading →

Soon soon week ten

Let me start with a little explanation. This week’s trailers won’t necessarily be all new. Some of them come from a few weeks ago and it’s because I have ignored them because I underestimated the potential they bared. However, after going to some press screening, my mind has changed so for today the rules are […] Continue reading →

Happy Birthday, George A. Romero

Just want to say that this amazing horror movie director is celebrating (or at least he should be) his 72nd birthday. I have never realised that he might be that age, but thinking logically about it…well, that must be about right. For those of you who don’t remember names (and don’t you ever dare forget […] Continue reading →
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