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So it’s Saturday and it’s time to do another top 12. We have focused on many different elements of the films before, so if you would like to have a look at some others you can now choose between admiring Nicolas Cage’s hairstyles, reading his tweets, lose yourself in the less popular film scores or recall the most recognisable ones, find out which extremely low budget films you have definitely seen or should see, or get culinary inspiration from most tempting movie meals. And of course, if you still feeling moany about this year’s Oscars, you can join me in naming the ceremony’s biggest disappointments. Today I want to present to you the most important element of the movies- the characters and the relationship between them. Today is about the greatest cinematic BFF’s, or should I say

BFFF it is.

12. R2D2 and C3Po (Star Wars)

The most humane friendship between droids and probably one of the most ambiguous one, because it is possible to argue that R2D2′s relationship with C3PO often resembles that of old marriage than BFFs. Although it is a rather love/hate partnership, they are simply inseparable. They even did this horrible PSA together and this is one hell of sacrifice:

11. Forrest Gump and Everyone He Met

We like Forrest Gump because he is simple a nice, honest guy. He takes his life as it is and accepts all the good and bad things equally. Although many call Gump stupid, nobody can resist his magnetic personality. In the book, Forrest Gump encounters twice as many people on his way than in the film, but it is in the film that we learn the most about the three greatest friends of his life- Jenny, Bubba and Drill Sergeant. Each of them brings to his life something different and each of them gets something different from him. All the stories are equally touching and beautiful, and every one of them teaches us how truly important friends are.

10. Timon and Pumbaa (the Lion King)

For many, it is the first ever friendship that they see in film and the one that in a way forms our idea of what it really is. Timon and Pumbaa are inseparable and they do everything together. What is crucial in their relation is that in nature they suppose to be part of each other’s food chain.

Instead they fight for each other, protect each other and have fun together. They even have a song together that everyone knows but they can still sing it like noone else.  Today’s version (I believe a little less likeable) of Timon and Pumbaa is of course, Shrek and Donkey, who follow the teachings from the Lion King- friendship doesn’t judge.

9. Wallace and Gromit

When it comes to British cinema, Wallace and Gromit are the main representatives of cinematic best friends. Wallace is Gromit’s owner (for those of you, who don’t know the two- Gromit is a dog), but their relationship has nothing to do with the typical owner-pet one. Gromit is the type of quiet intellectual who saves Wallace from tragedies caused by his mad scientist’s mind. Those two can’t literally live without each other.

8. Charlotte and Bob (Lost in Translation)

Writing this article I have only realised how rarely female characters are treated as friends in films. They usually play the role of love interest or the narrator leading us through the story, but the relations with people she gets involved in are purely romantic or just not to die for. Sophia Coppola not only answers the problem, but she goes one step beyond proving that there can be a platonic relationship between a man and a woman. In her Lost in Translation, Charlotte, a young, married woman trying to rediscover herself spiritually meets Bob, a middle aged actor who seems equally lost in great Tokyo. Their struggle to survive in this strange city brings them closer together and creates a unique bond between them which is often much stronger than a romantic one.

7. Harold and Kumar

The first bromance in cinema. They’ve been through everything together and they did everything for each other. When one bucks the other out of jail- it is called a great friendship, but when you travel the whole night to get to your favourite burger place after you get completely high- then, congratulations- you have just reached Harold and Kumar level.

6. Shaun and Ed (Shaun of the Dead)

If Harold and Kumar prove that real friendship lasts the whole life, then Shaun and Ed go one step further and become a living (quite) proof that death won’t tear best friends apart.

5. Jay and Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob are one of the most iconic film couple. For ages they were just somewhere in the background in Kevin Smith’s movies, but finally they got their own feature in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. What makes their friendship truly unique is the real chemistry between the too- totally different they work perfectly together and it is obvious that Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes must be friends in real life. This coolness cannot be faked.

4. Woody and Buzz (Toy Story)

Toy Story is one of the greatest films about friendship ever made and it is mainly because of Woody and Buzz. Although their first encounter wasn’t the most promising one, throughout the time not only did they learn to accept each other, but also they became friends to live and die for. After all, the theme song from the film celebrates its most important message and who represents it better than Woody and Buzz?

3. Sam and Frodo (Lord of the Rings)

Although their relationship seems a little Cruzoenian and the social status of both is emphasise every time Sam shouts ‘Mr.Frodo’, the hobbits are so close to each other that there have been memes made about it. What is more important in this friendship is that it is build on trust and protection and takes place in the most dangerous times when nobody can be trusted. Sam never leaves Frodo even though the mission clearly outgrows his wildest expectations. It is a beautiful friendship simply because it’s voluntary and willing to take risks. It gives us hope when all hope is gone.

2. Mary and Max 

Although I am aware of the fact that some of you might not have even heard of this movie, I have decided to put this friendship high on my list because I believe it is one of the most important ones to ever be portrayed in film. Max is a middle aged guy from America suffering from Asperger disorder. Mary is a little girl who lives in Australia with her alcoholic mother. One day Mary decides to write a letter to a random person chosen from telephone book and this is how they find each other. Their friendship grows through years against all odds. Many times it is questioned, challenged and disturbed, but never given up on. And if any friends were meant to be, then it’s definitely Mary and Max.

1. Dale and Saul (Pineapple Express)

The definition of friendship. Every man’s dream. Every stoner’s fantasy. My personal number one when it comes to cinematic best friends. Because you just know that they are. They really are.