Titanic, but in 3D

Before I even start, rise your hands those who have seen Titanic as children/teenagers? Now, rise your hands those who cried at it? Those who had a Leonardo Dicaprio poster on the wall? I guess this one is just me, but apart from that, we all share this sentimental feeling towards Titanic, and 3D won’t […] Continue reading →

Titanic 3D – post mortem

Lucky enough to hear about Titanic 3D from the man himself, Jon Landau (yes, I know for a second you thought about James Cameron, or as called by Jon Landau ‘Jim’), I hear present my second view on this masterpiece rape. First of all, I have already made it quite open that I am definitely […] Continue reading →

Nothing new here.

As you probably know, 3D freak, James Cameron has decided to re-release his masterpiece, Titanic. But in 3D. Why? Because he can. Here is the trailer for you. See any differences between this and the original? Me neither. Let’s wait for the big screen to rape in properly. Continue reading →
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