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Tomorrow is Friday and two new films are coming out with big advertisement money behind it- one of them I have already reviewed and if you still feel like going to see it, I highly recommend doing anything else instead. Project X was the worst cinematic experience I have ever had and I can’t imagine anyone spending money on it. I can’t yet talk about This Means War which is also coming out tomorrow, but I promise to publish my views with the struck of midnight. For those who get overexcited about the new releases, I picked one clip from each of them making my website a little dirty for posting so much information about Project X in such a short time. The server might die soon…the website might be blocked…I might just have to leave you with that…


And here is This Means War clip to you. I actually found this bit funny


If you are still wondering what you should see this week, I suggest you go and see Michael

So it’s after midnight and the new day begins, and for those of you who have been smart enough to follow my blog and to those who are even smarter and have already figured out that I add new trailers every week on Sunday, here they are. The trailers of the week (I’m not even saying they are the best of the best, because slowly I start doubting that good cinema even exists…or at least it has taken a break recently, you know- it’s Oscars time).

1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Here it is, definitely the most discussed trailer of the week. Is it good? Is it bad? Will I see it if it is free to watch for me? Those and many other questions cannot be answered just yet, because apart from the fact that it has cool sounds and slo-mo special effects, and that every single action scene involves an axe, I can’t say much. I hope it is better than Sherlock Holmes, because I hate this bastard (of course I mean the film)

2. Headhunters

One of the films I missed during last year’s London Film Festival and so personally I cannot recommend it just yet, however, my dear audience, it looks interesting and it had really good reviews from people I trust with opinions so if you are into Scandinavian thrillers, which will probably get their American remakes, here it is:

3. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

There’s not much to say about this one apart from the fact that it tries so hard to be touching British comedy drama and to portray salmon fishing as a sort of metaphor of human life that it makes me physically sick. However, it has Kristen Scott Thomas and beautiful Emily Blunt and I like them, so here is the trailer for it.

4. Snowtown

So you know how Australia hardly makes any films especially for the foreign distribution? Well, when they do, they tend to do really really good films and from what I have heard  and from what I can see this one looks like it could make a great double bill with Michael (another film I have mentioned in my new trailers section). It is disturbing, dark and unforgettable. The true gem of the week. Don’t miss it. Or maybe you should.

5. Damsels in Distress

To lift up the mood, here is another independent comedy drama for the thinking audience. It has blessing from all the indie festivals, Greta Gerwig and suicide attempts, and yet it definitely will attempt to put a smile on your face more than once. Hopefully as enjoyable as the reviewers in the trailer promise, this horrible titled film might be worth taking another look.

Here is the weekly dosage of best trailers of the week. I won’t say this is the best week for the trailer, and I hope it’s just me being to unable to find anything good and all the best once are hidden in the darkness of the internet. Thank god we have new Nicolas Cage movie. It made my week.

1. Seeking Justice

I don’t really care how bad is this movie, as long as it is with Nicolas Cage, it is worth watching (according to this website). I feel like this is the fifth film in a row with Nicolas Cage with exactly the same storyline. Only for the fans of the eagle haired, I would say. The biggest fans.

2. Michael

Not only is this the best trailer of the week, but also it is definitely one of the best trailers of the year. Highly recommended to me by every single person who has seen it and presented during last year’s London Film Festival, Michael is a deeply disturbing story. I have never realised a trailer can be that intense by being so subtle at the same time.

3. Journey 2 Mysterious Island

Yeah, I feel a little dirty showing this trailer in my top trailer of the week section, but I won’t lie- this is a pretty bad week for trailers (please, suggest me some others if I’m wrong) and also, I’ve seen this film and…it’s actually…not bad…it’s actually ok. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more than I probably should but I did. So don’t underestimate the sequels of crappy movies- unless they are anything else but Journey.

4. The Grey

I’m not sure if this is what I see and it’s Liam Neeson kicking wolves’ asses, but if it is, it looks really stupid awesome. He is a man who is not afraid of anything. I have no idea when Liam Neeson realised that he is an action actor, but let’s just go with it. The Grey, ladies and gentlemen

5. Chronicle

When I saw this trailer for the first time I honestly thought it was an add/ amateur youtube video/ film spoof/ a comedy. All of them were wrong assumption and this looks actually interesting. I know it’s a little late to post a trailer for it, because everyone probably has already, but because I ignored it for the first time, here I am apologising it by giving it credit on my website. Apology accepted, Chronicle?