This Means War and Project X

Tomorrow is Friday and two new films are coming out with big advertisement money behind it- one of them I have already reviewed and if you still feel like going to see it, I highly recommend doing anything else instead. Project X was the worst cinematic experience I have ever had and I can’t imagine […] Continue reading →

Soon soon Week Seven

So it’s after midnight and the new day begins, and for those of you who have been smart enough to follow my blog and to those who are even smarter and have already figured out that I add new trailers every week on Sunday, here they are. The trailers of the week (I’m not even […] Continue reading →

Soon soon week four

Here is the weekly dosage of best trailers of the week. I won’t say this is the best week for the trailer, and I hope it’s just me being to unable to find anything good and all the best once are hidden in the darkness of the internet. Thank god we have new Nicolas Cage […] Continue reading →
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