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Like most of you, I decided to spend my Christmas lazily and take a little break from writing. I am sure the amount of old, unreadable posts satisfied your basic entertainment needs, but Christmas is over and my stomach is once again empty, so I can go back to mumble about nothing and everything with you on my mind. So, my dear readers, what cinematic gems did Santa brought you on DVD?

I became a very happy owner of Moonrise Kingdom DVD and without hesitation, I gave it my second watch. Not much have changed- I actually loved it a little more than the first time, which is probably the result of my pre-knowledge of the story, which redirected my attention to other aspects of the movie that I previously missed. Moonrise Kingdom might not be a Christmas film per se, but it definitely creates a magical mood in which problems like schools, moany parents and laptop breakages do not exist. A perfect world.

Of course Moonrise Kingdom wasn’t the only film I watched this Christmas. I have finally, after years and years of missing it on TV (although the majority of times, the TV wouldn’t even show it anymore) I saw Home Alone. Interesting fact of the day- it was the first time I watched Home Alone in England. Now, THAT’s impressive! I have no words to describe how amazing Home Alone is and the moment people stop watching it, I lose all of my hope in humanity.

Last but not the least, I attempted a crappy Christmas movie called Fred Claus. I haven’t finished it. I don’t think anyone did. Wrong people slept with other wrong people to make this film hit the cinemas and sink the piracy business with retarded scenes and annoying sound effects. It was simply horrendous.

As you can see, my Christmas watching list might not have been massive nor was it very outrageous, but I enjoyed this weird combination a lot and I’m ready to hit New Year with new energy and hopes for better and shorter films.


As you have probably noticed, I am pretty much in love with everything that comes from the hands of Wes Anderson (even my website new look is a little inspired by the colour palette he is using in his films). You might have also noticed that I was completely enchanted by his new movie, Moonrise Kingdom and spent some unrelated posts singing about its greatness. This one will be no different, so for those of you, who are tired of hearing how amazing Moonrise Kingdom is, here is a clip presenting you the best way to watch it. With Jason Schwarztman. Which I guess isn’t very surprising (click on the image below to see the video):


i don’t want to review Moonrise Kingdom

i think it deserves more than that


i think Moonrise Kingdom deserves to be watched by everyone who still appreciates conversation about nothing that actually means so much more than anything else


people who instead of focusing on major political and social issues prefer to search the unknown answers to overanalysed questions in books that don’t sell and songs that don’t die


people who don’t want to know what the difference between quirky and pretentious is. people that just ARE and accept that they ARE


i don’t want Moonrise Kingdom to be consumed. I want it to be eaten. With grace . But with craving of experience and Francoise Hardy

i want it to be taken with Wildean seriousness and Dalisque aestheticism.


why are you still reading this? go and see it