After the break

tumblr_mfdwg2ptca1s0t989o2_500 Like most of you, I decided to spend my Christmas lazily and take a little break from writing. I am sure the amount of old, unreadable posts satisfied your basic entertainment needs, but Christmas is over and my stomach is once again empty, so I can go back to mumble about nothing and everything with […] Continue reading →

Let’s Watch Moonrise Kingdom

tumblr_m5ujx0pDcl1qd5t7go1_500 As you have probably noticed, I am pretty much in love with everything that comes from the hands of Wes Anderson (even my website new look is a little inspired by the colour palette he is using in his films). You might have also noticed that I was completely enchanted by his new movie, Moonrise […] Continue reading →

Moonrise Kingdom

i don’t want to review Moonrise Kingdom i think it deserves more than that   i think Moonrise Kingdom deserves to be watched by everyone who still appreciates conversation about nothing that actually means so much more than anything else   people who instead of focusing on major political and social issues prefer to search […] Continue reading →
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