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During past years of disappointing Oscar winners, misleading film titles and good actors’ bad choices I have grown more and more skeptical about today’s cinema. I craved for the 90s style horror movie or well written coming out of age drama. I craved for more Wes Anderson and less Micheal Bay, for development in characters instead of development of special effects. The twentieth first century wasn’t cinematically merciful and welcomed us with unnecessary sequels, prequels and remakes as well as unoriginal original scripts that still smelled of yesterday’s rubbish. 2012 started neutrally promising new big stars and new unique approaches to the old stories. Mirror Mirror failed and so did Snow White and the Huntsman. But this year’s bland start was soon breathing new air- the air of long forgotten creativity. This year was one of my favourite years in cinema history (at least history counted from my birth until today). It brought us Rampart, the Cabin in the Woods and the Hunt. It turned the cinemas upside down with the warmth of Moonrise Kingdom and the epicness of the Hobbit. The list of my favourite films made this year is long and vivid, however, before I sum up this year presenting you my choice of the best of the best, I want to first remind you of 2012′s darker side. Remember the day you saw Prometheus? It was nothing like Alien. And remember the most anticipated film of the year? It’s a shame that the Dark Knight Rises had more potential than it actually used. But let me get straight to the point. Here is my Top 12 Most Disappointing Films of 2012.

12. Rust and Bone

I love Marion Cotillard and no matter what films she is in, I take it as it is endeavoring itwith passion. I also love Orcas more than any other animal on this planet (excluding my beloved cat). So what went wrong? I guess I’ll blame it on lack of passion and not enough orcas- Rust and Bone is just a rust and bone movie.

11. End of Watch

This film lands pretty far from the top of this year’s biggest disappointments just because I didn’t expect much from it. However, after 5 minutes I felt a sudden potential rise and thirty minutes later it all went downhill. Gyllenhaal and Pena are perfect together, but everything else about it is just bad, including the editing which deserves 2012 annoyance award for inconsistency and lack of purpose.

10. Lawless

It wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t good…+ failed fashion revolution attempt

9. Life of Pi

The major disappointment comes in the amount of Oscar nominations Life of Pi will get. Visually breathtaking but patronising and shallow. Nothing like the book it’s based on.

8. The Dictator

Sasha Baron Cohen decided to combine the swagginess of Ali G with the imprudence of Borat creating a totally bland and only slightly funny mixture. It has a great usage of Dr Dre track though…in a quite different version…

7. The Watch

With the most dramatically changed script of 2012, The Watch turned out disastrous. The cast promised unchallenging entertainment and instead, we got unfunny cinematic dishwater.

6. The Hunger Games

They said it was not like Twilight at all…They lied…

5. Magic Mike

Something tells me that Cronenberg is competing against Soderberg over The Most Boring Film award

4. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

I know, I know…nobody was actually disappointed about Ghost Rider 2 being bad because nobody had had any hopes for this film in the first place. Still, it was a very personal slap in the face for me thus it’s high position in this ranking

3. Madagascar 3

Those of you who are familiar with my review of Madagascar 3- the very first and very last Madagascar film I have seen- know that there are no English words hateful enough to describe how I loathe this movie. What’s worse is that I am quite desolated in my views. It was definitely one of the most disappointing experience of my life and definitely one of the greatest disappointment in cinema history. Damn you, DreamWorks!

2. The Dark Knight Rises

I spent 63 days learning everything I could about Batman and the Dark Knight Rises film only to see a movie that promised more than it could ever offer. It has some amazing moments, but it is pretty damn boring for 90 minutes. And when will they finally find the cure for this poor man’s sore throat!

1. Prometheus

Some films just shouldn’t be made…


I think nobody will be surprised…


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Of course for this special occasion, I prepared something special for you. Throughout the day I will be posting film related birthday clips. Of course there will be twelve of them but because I enjoy every single one of them, there is no bestest clip. Still, there is twelve of them so keep your eyes open and let me know what you think of them all!

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