Top 12 Most Disappointing Films of 2012

The-Hunger-Games-Effie-and-Katniss During past years of disappointing Oscar winners, misleading film titles and good actors’ bad choices I have grown more and more skeptical about today’s cinema. I craved for the 90s style horror movie or well written coming out of age drama. I craved for more Wes Anderson and less Micheal Bay, for development in characters […] Continue reading →

Top 12 Birthday…Whatever

SS_Celebrity_Extravagances_Nicolas_Cage So as you probably already know… It’s Midnight Review First Birthday So happy birthday. There are plenty of things going on about it, so if you have a chance, go on Midnight Review’s facebook and join the birthday event, so I can spam you with all cool things I have prepared for you for the […] Continue reading →
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