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Lars von Trier is a master of poker face and depressing movies, as well as, very recently, the director behind one of the least symbolic yet still symbolic poster. I can imagine that after Antichrist, many of you embrace themselves with Valium and Vodka shots before the release of the sequel to this madness- Nymphomaniac. But before they have slow motion close-uped anal sex, the stars of Lars von Trier’s films actually seem to have some human time on set. Mr von Trier, you don’t cease to surprise me


and this title only works if you are Nicolas Cage. Apparently, it is pretty typical for Nicolas Cage to go flat broke and not be able to afford pet food, since his latest admission to animal sanctuary. If you want to say ‘hi’ to Nicolas Cage’s lizard, just drop by U.S.A. and visit Discovery Wildlife Center in Lake Forest (I’ve already given you enough details, don’t ask for the state name). According to the article I’ve read, the lizard was taking too much time in the madness of overscheduled Cage and he simply had no heart to keep it uncared. Not so funny that it happens straight after the Croods, but some of you can still use this joke.

This is Micheal:

I’m serious, his name is Micheal


Arnold is always there to help you