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You know these films that just will get amazing reviews no matter what because honestly speaking, 99% of the critics and 99% of the audience attending the screening are mad geeks? And you know when you are this only person who can watch it but doesn’t actually NEED to watch it (unless he or she is a critic, then of course, they probably should, just because EVERYONE is talking about how amazing it is). And you know when this critic who is in this 1% simply LIKES the film, but doesn’t LOVE it? Do you know how hard this critic’s life is? Well, I could just lie to you and say how much I loved the Avengers’ Assemble…but I’m too truthful to my personal morals and thus I publicly announce that this:

is  to me.

And now let me tell you why…

Firstly and most importantly, the Avengers is completely action driven. If you follow my reviews like you should, you probably already know that I am not a big fan of action as a genre, however, I do appreciate good films even if they don’t come from my favourite category. I enjoyed the magical world of Harry Potter as much as I guiltlessly paid too much money to watch Transformers in IMAX (after I already saw it twice in a normal cinema). I even liked Rise of the Planet of the Apes more than Drive and enjoyed Thor more than most of Sundance films this year. So it seems like surprisingly, I might had been the perfect target for the Avengers, even though I didn’t know why Hulk could sometimes control his anger and other times couldn’t, or how did Iron Man manage to communicate with everyone on the ground while he was flying around almost unseen, or why was Black Widow called a black widow?

or who is this guy anyway?

I know, I know, I was suppose to do my homework before I went to the cinema and watch all of the Avengers’ movies separately, so they could get more money out of me  I could appreciate it more; but I didn’t and I believe that even if I am not familiar with the series, a good movie would be able to quickly introduce me to the characters. And it did! And these are the characters:

a nice guy, protects the United States, believes in God, generally conservative and a little out of fashion, but still cool for hipsters

a nice, Briths guy, has a hammer and shit, believes in brotherhood and has one funny line

says he’s always angry but looks like a nice guy, knows about technology and is afraid of a cage

no, not this Cage

an asshole

With characters so well written, there’s only action left I guess.

So, is it AMAZING?

Once again, it’s just good. It is very strong, well balance and impressive film,  but the Avengers seem not to risk enough to reach the hoped for greatness. The shots are classic, the music is standard, the jokes are cocky (by the way, it could be the Avengers’ drinking game if you had a shot every time dialogue between any characters on screen or any action sequence finished with a cocky comment; i promise, you would be completely drunk in the first ten minutes of the movie) the special effects are as good as they have always been in Marvel’s movies, but the lack of egde makes it just a satisfying and entertaining movie rather than the EPIC adaptation everyone was waiting for.

ok, that’s pretty epic

I saw the Avengers in 3D (although the cinema had problems screening the copy so the first thirty minutes was just plain blurry) and it was definitely a well made 3D. It wasn’t pushy, it wasn’t distracting and to be honest, it was a little pointless. Most of the time I felt as if I watched the potential the Avengers had rather than the same potential being used in practice. The special effects were of course great, but there was nothing innovative about them, nothing breathtaking or simply unique. It was just everything Marvel has already given its audience, but combined in one movie.

Speaking of combining things in the movie, I believe this is what the Avengers was really about. Having different characters from different comics fighting for Manhattan against Thor’s evil brother. The type of movie where we cheer for each and every one of them, the type of movie in which they combine their powers in order to create a new, unique weapon against the enemy. The type of movie that uses the awesomeness of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk mixed together in order to promote the universal message about the importance of friendship and standing for yourself. The type of movie from which we learn that everyone is different but we are all the same, right? Not really…

Don’t get me wrong- I enjoyed the Avengers (or whatever the actual title is), however, after reading so many reviews and seeing big 8.9 on IMDb rating page, I expected so much more than what the movie actually offered. Well, actually, I expected only one thing. I expected it to provoke this feeling of unity, the belief in people and the need to see more of the Avengers fighting alongside because they are just such a great team. Instead, because of the Avengers movie, I believe that all of these characters just hate each other and making them see each other again would be simply a punishment for them. I know it’s too late to stop the sequel from being made, so just please, make it warmer. After all, isn’t friendship what the Avengers’ comic is about?

who are you…

Before I even start, rise your hands those who have seen Titanic as children/teenagers? Now, rise your hands those who cried at it? Those who had a Leonardo Dicaprio poster on the wall? I guess this one is just me, but apart from that, we all share this sentimental feeling towards Titanic, and 3D won’t ever change it.
I have already wrote about Titanic 3D in January when I attended a Q&A with the producer, John Landau. Although I liked the way he discussed the movie and even after seeing a few converted clips, I still wasn’t persuaded to this visible, yet hardly major change. But then, a couple of months later, I was invited to the screening of Titanic 3D. This time without the official introduction, without any help to understand the reason behind it and without the typical vibe. Nobody has yet review it and nobody had any opinion. It was served to us like it was served the first time- raw and open to all sort of critique. But this time it was served on the plate of sentiments.

The question this time wasn’t ‘if  cry’, but rather ‘WHEN to cry’. The second it starts, Titanic 3D is just an exquisite sentimental journey. And it’s not the journey that we remember we loved. It is the journey we want to take again, that we re-discover and that we re-love. The tears of nostalgia mixed with completely new tears of amazement makes you realise that Titanic 3D is simply universal and it will never grow old.

When it was announced that no special effects have been touched while converting Titanic into 3D, I was more than surprised. It came out in 1997 and from my experience, films, especially the ones filled with dollars, tend to look silly after some time. If they are lucky enough though, they just look old, and we look at them just like we look at the old photographs of ourselves- we like the memory more than anything else. But something magical happened to Titanic. It didn’t age. Just like Rose’s memories, it remained vivid and full of flavour. It’s alive!

I won’t be writing about the story in Titanic, because those who have seen it, know it very well, and those who haven’t will have chance to go to the cinemas now. The only thing I want to say is that yes! Titanic is amazingly cheesy, the background characters are stereotypical and bland and the world in the film is divided into black and white. Rose’s fiance is probably one of the most evil villains in the history of cinema and I was just looking at his actions in awe. How much evilness can there be in one human being? How about making him a Batman villain? I’m not joking, this guy is so bad, he almost sacrifices his own life in order to destroy the relationship between Rose and Jack, but when his evil plan fails, he kidnaps a random child in order to have a priority in life boats. As for Jack and Rose, it is indeed an unimaginably romantic love, but a believable one. With the help of cheesy atmosphere and Celine Dion, the lovemaking in a car definitely becomes one of the most erotic scenes of the cinema and this:

this makes you put Leonardo Dicaprio’s poster on the wall.

And what about the 3D? I must say, I’m not a fan of 3D, but in Titanic it just works. I agree with John Landau, that this film was simply perfect to be converted into this new technique and it looks just breathtaking when being watched with the embarrassing 3D glasses on.The picture is clear and vivid, the sound is simply stunning; and because, like in Avatar, the 3D effects are mainly in the background and they are not pushy like normally in movies, and also because Titanic has proven to be a strong movie without it, the conversion made the film an experience.

Titanic is simply outstanding and the moment I left the cinema, I could not stop talking about it. Say whatever you want, but to me it is one of the most amazingly crafted blockbuster of all times. It has its flaws, but it never aimed to be an ambitious film. It aimed to be an unforgettable experience and it is indeed. Mr. Cameron, you are a magician.