Can it get any more ridiculous?

tumblr_mihbfbmwx51rkte8bo1_500 I’m not sure if I get this franchise. It took Fast and Furious a while to develop its characters (even if it only means the development of the muscle tissue) or shape some sort of a story (which is basically people racing in cars). Still, the producers found their target audience and for years we […] Continue reading →

soon soon week thirty two

This-Is-40-Paul-Rudd This week Judd Apatow strikes again bringing us what few might consider the most anticipated film of the year…after the Dark Knight Rises. There’s also a new trailer for On The Road, which I’m not sure how many of you are still interested in after big controversy with Kristen Stewart acting like she just wanted […] Continue reading →

Dredd is…Dreadfull

NotBadDredd Trailer for the movie nobody expected to be well…ever released (or at least, everybody secretly hoped that the appearing announcements were just the rumours to scare the shit out of us) and although some of you might have hoped that it would offered at least some sort of entertainment, new Dredd’s preview is pretty much […] Continue reading →
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