12 Things that suck about this year’s Oscars

tumblr_mif4yfC7VL1r5bhbpo1_500 Like every year, the Oscars bring excitement mixed with anxiety in the hearts of concerned audience. Although nowadays I watch the awards with greater skepticism and distance than ever, I can’t stop but wonder- what the fuck is wrong with the Academy?! I know, I know…moaning about disappointing winners while our favourites are left with […] Continue reading →

Top 12 Movies of 2012 That I Missed

e3de8ab1ac3507b295f093a39c869a0d First of all, let me make two things clear: 1. Some of the films I haven’t seen this year, I might still see (and I’ve been planning to- I’m just suffering from no mood for anything more intellectual than Bill&Ted) 2. Some of the films on this list are completely bad and have been demolished […] Continue reading →
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