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Here is the weekly dosage of best trailers of the week. I won’t say this is the best week for the trailer, and I hope it’s just me being to unable to find anything good and all the best once are hidden in the darkness of the internet. Thank god we have new Nicolas Cage movie. It made my week.

1. Seeking Justice

I don’t really care how bad is this movie, as long as it is with Nicolas Cage, it is worth watching (according to this website). I feel like this is the fifth film in a row with Nicolas Cage with exactly the same storyline. Only for the fans of the eagle haired, I would say. The biggest fans.

2. Michael

Not only is this the best trailer of the week, but also it is definitely one of the best trailers of the year. Highly recommended to me by every single person who has seen it and presented during last year’s London Film Festival, Michael is a deeply disturbing story. I have never realised a trailer can be that intense by being so subtle at the same time.

3. Journey 2 Mysterious Island

Yeah, I feel a little dirty showing this trailer in my top trailer of the week section, but I won’t lie- this is a pretty bad week for trailers (please, suggest me some others if I’m wrong) and also, I’ve seen this film and…it’s actually…not bad…it’s actually ok. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more than I probably should but I did. So don’t underestimate the sequels of crappy movies- unless they are anything else but Journey.

4. The Grey

I’m not sure if this is what I see and it’s Liam Neeson kicking wolves’ asses, but if it is, it looks really stupid awesome. He is a man who is not afraid of anything. I have no idea when Liam Neeson realised that he is an action actor, but let’s just go with it. The Grey, ladies and gentlemen

5. Chronicle

When I saw this trailer for the first time I honestly thought it was an add/ amateur youtube video/ film spoof/ a comedy. All of them were wrong assumption and this looks actually interesting. I know it’s a little late to post a trailer for it, because everyone probably has already, but because I ignored it for the first time, here I am apologising it by giving it credit on my website. Apology accepted, Chronicle?