Titanic, but in 3D

Before I even start, rise your hands those who have seen Titanic as children/teenagers? Now, rise your hands those who cried at it? Those who had a Leonardo Dicaprio poster on the wall? I guess this one is just me, but apart from that, we all share this sentimental feeling towards Titanic, and 3D won’t […] Continue reading →

Titanic 3D – post mortem

Lucky enough to hear about Titanic 3D from the man himself, Jon Landau (yes, I know for a second you thought about James Cameron, or as called by Jon Landau ‘Jim’), I hear present my second view on this masterpiece rape. First of all, I have already made it quite open that I am definitely […] Continue reading →

Titanic 3D (warning: adult content)

In his madness, James Cameron is re-realising his cult classic, Titanic in 3D. It comes out in April but I will have a chance to see it tomorrow at the press screening with question and answers with the producer himself, Jon Landau. Thinking about life, death and 3D movies, I have came up with literally […] Continue reading →