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Week Eleven into this year and although it brings at least two romantic comedies about pregnancy for some reason and another Adam Sandler film that we will rather not even see the poster of ever, it is somehow very special because of three trailers I’m going to give you today. Only three, but three of them pretty powerful I would say. One of them all of you have been now waiting for and most of you have probably already seen. Second is quite surprising but also puts this film under huge expectations. The third, I’m not sure what you are thinking about, but it will definitely be fun to watch. So enjoy, three best trailers of this week. But damn, they’re all good.

Bad Ass

Yes, it’s true, this film might turn a little tragic but I will risk it and promise myself that I will definitely see it. The cast is splendid and Danny Trejo, like always is simply badass. Let’s hope it’s rated eighteen and brings us joyful gore.

Dark Shadows

I won’t lie, this one is simply weird, because what I can see from this trailer is a normal comedy. It is of course a comedy with Johnny Depp and by Tim Burton, but the trailer is so…normal. There are even comic pauses so we know where to laugh. It does worry me a little, but with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp what can go wrong…

Just watch it…